The following is submitted for consideration by the 2010 session of the New York Annual Conference:


Subject/Title:    Look into HIV co-discoverer’s suggestion that healthy immune systems can rid the body of HIV.


Whereas         Whereas Africans are said to be far more likely to test positive on HIV antibody tests; and


Whereas         Dr. Luc Montagnier, co-discoverer of HIV, sought to explain the huge gap in positive test results between Africans and Westerners; and  


Whereas         Dr. Montagnier stated that “… under the effect of a good immune response, these [viral infections] will disappear after a few weeks.  In the case of HIV, this explains the enormous disparity of prevalence between the North (0,1% in our countries) and the South (5 to 10% in Africa). In southern areas, for a lot of reasons (such as co–infections or malnutrition), the immune system of many Africans is weakened and allows chronic infection to HIV[1]; and 


Whereas         Dr. Montagnier appears to be saying that a healthy immune system can get rid of HIV; and       


Whereas         Treating illness by strengthening the immune system can avoid the negative side effects which can be experienced with AIDS drugs,


Therefore be it resolved, that the New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church respectfully urge the President of the United States and the Secretary of Health and Human Services to examine the possibility raised by Dr. Montagnier that general health measures can remove HIV.


References to Dr, Montagnier’s comment can be found at


Submitted by: The United Methodist Church of Red Hook, by vote of the Church Council,

__________ votes in favor, __________ opposed, __________ abstaining, __________ absent

on March __, 2010, Red Hook, New York

A legal quorum was assembled.

Address:                       Church and West Market Street, Red Hook, NY  12571



Signature:                                                         __________________________________________

                        Chairperson, Church Council,

                        United Methodist Church of Red Hook

[1], Issue Number 66 (translated from the French)