There are Many Ordinary Causes of Immune Systems Problems.

There are many ordinary causes of immune system problems. The good news is that those causes are well understood, with readily available prevention and treatment options.

Some of those causes are: Dr. Robert Giraldo, President of a Group of scientists who have raised questions about AIDS policy, published a paper describing readily available, non-toxic approaches to helping those who are sick. The introduction follows:

Scientific evidence shows that AIDS is neither an infectious nor a contagious disease, but is instead a degenerative toxic and nutritional illness (1-11), caused by involuntary and sometimes voluntary exposure to the alarming global increase of immunological stressor agents, which are of chemical, physical, biological, mental and nutritional origin (3). These stressor agents in the body induce an excess of free radicals, especially oxidizing agents (9-44), which progressively impair the immune system, eventually causing it to collapse while simultaneously provoking manifestations of opportunistic infections, tumors and metabolic disturbances. However, AIDS can be treated, prevented, and eradicated in effective, easy, and inexpensive ways. [Available at Web Reference:, under "papers" - "Treating and Preventing AIDS".]

The full paper can be viewed at this link.