Link to lawsuit filed over HIV tests and treatments.

A few years ago, the possibility was raised that a major church denomination in Canada, or large parts of it, might be bankrupted by lawsuits.

The lawsuits were filed by Native Americans who had been placed in church-run facilities that, supporting a government program, sought to replace their native culture and language with Western culture and English. The intent was orginally thought to be beneficial, helping Native Americans better function in the dominant society. The children, now adults, contended that the program violated their fundamental rights, and sued those who conducted the program.

Governments are very eager for churches to support government policies, but churches would be wise to recall that evil can appear in many guises, including ones that on the surface may sound helpful. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions".

Whatever the money received by churches from the U. S. government for supporting AIDS programs, it will not be worth the potential loss of reputation or money when and if the basic questions raised by responsible scientists prove out and are accepted.

The link below is to the filing of a lawsuit by a woman who tested postive and had her previously happy life wrecked. There have also been settlements with people who were told they tested positive, and subsequently were told that a mistake had been made.

Link to court petition facsimile. The petition was filed April 12, 2004.