AIDS on trial! HIV tests on trial!

An Adelaide, South Australia court case has put AIDS science and the HIV tests on trial, with experts on both sides testifying and being cross-examined.

Check this link for stories, transcripts, and the court's decision.
  • The entire AIDS enterprise rests on the HIV tests ...
    • ... because AIDS is defined as one of some 30 old illnesses or conditions, plus a positive HIV test.

  • So the implications of the case are staggering.

  • The courageous, unfunded but unflagging scientists of the Perth Group testified and submitted a sworn affidavit.

  • Attempts to respond to the concerns raised in the affidavit led to often confusing testimony from Australian AIDS experts.

  • Bringing in controversial HIV co-discoverer Dr. Robert Gallo by video to testify (and be cross-examined). Gallo admitted the 40% of patients he said had HIV (in his original paper) would not have been sufficient to justify a claim that HIV causes AIDS.

  • The appeal was heard before the same judge who presided over the original conviction of Mr. Parenzee. The judge's decision came down on the side of the Australian AIDS experts, though their testimony raised many questions. An effort is being made to raise money for an appeal before an independent panel and with a defense attorney who specializes in scientific cases. Click on the "Canadian dissenters site" link on the left of our home page to contribute.

Perhaps the scientific trial of the century, not even mentioned in the U. S. press. Read the transcripts for some possible reasons.

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