"Reassess AIDS" Petition to United Methodist Church
New York Annual Conference

One of the most profound moral issues of our time:

The condemning of 25 million Africans as HIV-positive ...

   ... without a second opinion or open hearings on concerns.

In His healing ministry, Jesus:
  • Cured people - permanently;
  • Lifted stigmatization;
  • All at no cost.
In contrast, current AIDS policy:
  • Cures no one;
  • Imposes lifelong stigmatization;
  • All at huge and ever increasing cost.
And no one should question a policy that falls so far short???

See 38 reasons why AIDS policy should be reexamined.
Flash - Government proposes greatly expanding HIV testing and reducing informed consent! A court appeal in Adelaide put AIDS science and the HIV tests on trial. Experts on both sides testified and were cross-examined. Read about the trial, link to the trial transcripts.

Controversial drug trials, trouble at the NIH, Celia Farber Harper's article, and reaction.

"AIDS Tots Used As Guinea Pigs" Update.
  • Let the children come to me; do not hinder them. Mark 10:14
English scientists dispute idea that African AIDS is due to sexual activity.

What are the risks of AIDS chemotherapy for newborns and infants? The New York Times describes "chemotherapy fog" or cognitive deficits in cancer chemotherapy patients.

Web sites with concerns about current AIDS policy:

Scientists who have called for another look at AIDS science. Many resources - information on concerns with HIV tests and drug treatments, rebuttal to NIH defense of HIV theory, challenges to conventional AIDS ideas, and more.

Australian scientific group. Scientific papers and clear explanations of problems with the HIV tests, AIDS drugs, and virus isolation.

Alive and Well. Success stories, by a woman who tested HIV positive and went on to a normal life.

Physcian Dr. Roberto Giraldo. Positive alternatives to current policy.

Scientist Dr. Peter Duesberg. Member of the National Academy of Science who first raised concerns about AIDS policy.

Canadian dissenters' site. Lists many anomalies with AIDS policy. HIV trial info!

Comprehensive site. Overview and detail on concerns, with many links.

There are many other web sites describing concerns with AIDS policies. Many are referenced or pointed to through the sites above.


Web sites that support current policy:

U. S. government AIDS information. Government policy and view.

U. N. AIDS. U. N. policy and view.


For information, contact:


Current AIDS policy is far from perfect:

  • There is no cure.
  • There is no vaccine.
  • AIDS drugs can have severe side effects ...
    • and are extremely expensive
  • The HIV tests all include disclaimers.
    • Yet a positive test ends an individual's normal life.
    • And means he or she will be childless (the consequence of lifetime "protected sex")
  • The U. S. government alone has spent well over $100 billion.
  • One state, New York, spends over $3 billion annually (3% of the state budget).

With so many questions, and with so many people potentially affected, why shouldn't this policy be reexamined?

This petition simply asks that we take another look at AIDS policy, open to all views, to see if we can do better for those who are sick and/or stigmatized.

  • Petition text Full text of the petition to the New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.
  • Presentation A twelve panel presentation used with the New York Annual Conference that gives a brief history and background on AIDS policy and the concerns that led to the petition.

If you were in the shoes of one of those 25 million Africans, wouldn't you want a second opinion?

The reality is that there are many concerns, questions and problems with current AIDS policy. The longer we try to avoid reality, the longer those who may have been mistakenly diagnosed or stigmatized will continue to suffer, with more millions added to their ranks.

"If you will, you can make me clean."   Mark 1:40

One of the most common questions asked about the petition is this: "How could so many doctors and scientists be mistaken?"

First, the petition takes no position on current policy - it just asks for an open forum - all of the following are possible outcomes: (a) Current policy is the best we can do now; (b) Current policy is basically sound, but can be improved; (c) Current policy is deeply flawed. It is case (c) that causes difficulty for some people, a reluctance to confront the possibility that our policymakers may have erred. But confronting error and moving beyond is a basic mission of the Church.

Second, most doctors and researchers are simply following the lead of a few key researchers and policymakers, a situation that is not unique to AIDS.

Third, sadly, medical science has made mistakes in the past, and has a special knack for confusing illnesses cased by malnutrition or toxins with those caused by microbes. Examples include pellagra, scurvy and SMON, all at one time mistakenly blamed on microbes.

Another question is, "Why not let the scientists sort this out" or, "Haven't these questions already been answered?"

None of the scientists in the references on the left would agree that these questions have been answered, or even dealt with. Check the link on the right about "Difficulties encountered by dissenters". As for letting scientists sort things out, it took Australian scientists over ten years to get published a simple chart (click on link to view chart and explanation) that shows the widely differing criteria for a positive HIV result around the globe.


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