Key Problems in AIDS Science.

With the publication in Harper's of Celia Farber's article, "AIDS and the Corruption of Medical Science", the controversy about AIDS policy and its foundations hit the mainstream press. See the summary and links page for the article and background".

Ms. Farber, after documenting the well-founded concerns about AIDS drug trials, as well as the toxicity of the drugs themselves, then introduces the ideas of one of the original AIDS dissenters, Professor Peter Duesberg, a well-known expert on retroviruses.

Peter Duesberg deserves a lot of credit for his courage in letting the world know, almost from the beginning, that there were large problems with the idea that HIV causes AIDS. Instead of scientific dialogue, his questions were met with silence, ostracism and the end of support for his investigations in cancer research.

Some of the now well-established concerns which he described include:
  • The puzzling fact that HIV tests show many females as HIV-positive, though most U. S. AIDS cases are male.
  • The toxicity of the first AIDS drug AZT, and the questions surrounding its expedited approval by the FDA.
  • The redefinition of AIDS to include those who were not even sick.
  • The predilection of medical science to focus on microbes as disease agents, ignoring well-documented causes of immune system damage such as drug use, toxins, and malnutrition.
  • The oddity, for a supposedly sexually transmitted disease, that many spouses of people testing HIV-positive test negative.
  • The fact that the diseases and demographics of AIDS are completely different in Africa and the U. S.
  • The controversy surrounding Dr. Robert Gallo who took credit for discovering a microbe that had been sent to him from another lab, triggering charges of scientific fraud.
  • The lack of scientific papers that establish HIV as the probable cause of AIDS.
Dr. Duesberg, however, credits Gallo with identifying HIV. And that, as Australian scientists, and the attempts to replicate that identification, show, is highly questionable. Moreover, those attempts were made only recently, thirteen years after Gallo's controversial HIV discovery, and experienced great difficulty in isolating and purifying the supposed disease agent.

So there is much more to the story of "AIDS and the Corruption of Medical Science", and one can only hope, for the sake of those affected, that the mainstream media will ask the tough questions, and seek, not assertions or platitudes, but actual reproducible scientific evidence to back up the claims of the AIDS establishment.

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